Best Golf Balls of 2019 (Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Ball For You)


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Best Overall

Want the best of the best? Here's our list of the overall top balls on the market.

Head To Head

See how specific models stack up against each other for your swing.

Finding the best golf balls is not nearly as simple as it used to be. Go to any golf store or sporting goods store that sells golf balls and there will likely be an entire aisle (or two) with dozens of different brands of golf balls.

Golf ball technology has advanced so significantly in the past 10-15 years that there is no such thing as THE best golf ball. There is, however, a handful of balls that are right for you and fit your skill level, style of play, and personal preference.

So any listing that assumes there are just a handful of the best balls out there has a really good chance of not matching up to your specific needs. So we’ve tried to create a library of “mini-guides” for the most common needs and types of players that might fit a particular style of golf ball. You can browse through them below.

Golf Ball Mini-Guides

These mini guides are specific to a type of golf or some other specific need. 

Maybe you plan on playing in the cold, or you are just getting started and want to know what ball to try out. 

We’ll be adding new mini-guides on a regular basis, so make sure to bookmark this page or click the little red icon in the lower right corner to get notifications when new pages are published. 

This is the perfect golf ball buying guide for those of you just starting out. This guide will help you choose the right golf ball to accelerate your learning of the game without breaking the bank. 

There are a number of things that players like you need to look for when choosing the best golf ball. First, you want to keep the cost down. Until you learn to control the ball a little better, you probably lose your fair share of ball to errant shots. Don’t sweat it, that’s how every starts. So you want to find cost effective balls. 

You also want to look for balls that are low spin and low compression. Even many otherwise athletic players are not necessarily generating the kind of swing speed that they need to compress a harder golf ball. So look for a ball with lower compression. 

But also look for a ball with lower spin. Balls that spin less will tend to carry farther. A lot of new players tend to flip the club at the end of the swing, adding loft to the driver and adding backspin to the shot. Backspin can be a real distance killer for drives. So keep it in check with a low spin ball.

Check out our mini guide for more tips on choosing the right ball and our top picks in this category…


You love golf but you play for fun or don’t really have the time to work on lowering your scores. That’s cool, golf is for everyone. You should be out there having fun. But getting the best golf balls for your skill level can help you have just a little bit more fun when you play. 

You probably don’t hit a lot of greens in regulation, so short game might be very important to you. If that’s the case then pick a golf ball that will give you more control around the green. Also, short game shots are something that are easy to practice in your backyard, so you can improve on that faster. 

Also, make sure you get a ball with a compression that matches your swing speed. For a lot of you, that may be a lower compression ball. 

Check out our mini guide for more tips on choosing the right ball and our top picks in this category…

For those of you playing the senior tees, we have the perfect golf ball mini buying guide for you. The truth is, if you listen to the advertisements on TV (or read a lot of other websites), they’ll tell you to go get the best of the best premium golf balls to shoot lower scores. They would be wrong!

You need a golf ball that matches your swing. For many of you, the most important part of that equation is the compression rating of the golf ball. If you want to learn more, then check out our explanation, “What Is Golf Ball Compression?” That article breaks it down pretty well. 

Another important thing you want to do is focus on your strengths. You may not be hitting the ball 300 yards, but your experience has made you pretty good around the greens, so make sure to get a ball that can take advantage of those short game skills. 

Check out our mini guide for more tips on choosing the right ball and our top picks in this category…

Golf Ball Comparisons

Sometimes you may find yourself trying to decide between two golf ball models that are similar or perhaps trying to figure out the difference between two models from the same company. 

So to help you out, we are going to be creating comparison guides for the most common “either” “or” decisions we see. 

If you are trying to decide between two golf ball models, leave a comment below and let us know. Your suggestion may be the next head to head test we do!

The Callaway Chrome Soft and the Titleist Pro V1 are two of the best golf balls out there today. Both are used by PGA Tour pros and have multiple major wins under their belt. In fact, they both made the cut for the best overall golf balls in our list below. 

The Titleist Pro V1 is the king…old faithful…and the best selling golf ball out there. Go to any golf course and you are bound to find a handful of Pro V1 golf balls in the woods. 

The Chrome Soft is the new kid on the block and challenging the Pro V1 for the crown. Callaway is using new technology and unconventional approaches to try and out perform the Titleist. 

Check out this comparison to see which one you should try first…

The Srixon Z-Star and  the Titleist Pro V1 are another set of top tier golf balls. Both are used frequently by Tour Pros and have tremendous performance from tee to green. 

Srixon came seemingly out of nowhere to compete with the big names in the golf ball market with it announced the Z-Star years ago. Now it is a mainstay in the top ball choices among top golfers. 

But which one is best for you?

It depends on what specific performance factors you are looking for in a golf ball. This comparison will help you identify where to start…

Best Golf Balls

Find The Highest Rated Premium Models

The guides above are the best place to start if you really want to find a ball that is designed to fit your game. But, if you came here to find out what the overall best golf balls on the market are…here they are.

Pro V1/V1x

by Titleist

MSRP $52.00




The Good:

It’s hard to go wrong with the Pro V1. Short game performance is second to none and it still gives you great distance off the tee. 

The Bad:

Not a lot of difference between the V1 and V1x in the 2019 model which means less choice to fine tune your spin and distance. Still among the most expensive choices. 

Bottom Line:

For many years now the Pro V1 and V1x have been THE pro golf ball on the market. In the last few years the competition has caught up and while Titleist is still the king…the margin is a lot smaller now. 

Z-Star/Z-Star X

by Srixon

MSRP $52.00




The Good:

Less expensive than other premium balls. Z-Star and Z-Star X give players of varying swing speeds a good choice. Great durability means having to buy less of them. 

The Bad:

Not quite the high spin around the greens as some of the others on this list. 

Bottom Line:

The Z-Star is probably the best ball for your money out there. Not the softest cover in this list but it gives you just about all the greenside spin you could ask for and out performs more expensive balls in most other areas. 

Chrome Soft/Soft X

by Callaway

MSRP $45.00




The Good:

Really great feel and ball flight off long irons. Soft core seems to help get good ball compression on off center hits. 

The Bad:

As far as feel goes it may be a little too soft a feel for players used to other models. Soft core may be too soft for faster swing speed players (though the X model shoudl fix that). 

Bottom Line:

This is the ball the skilled amateurs have been waiting for. You don’t need a pro swing speed to get the most out of this ball and it still delivers every bit the control around the green as the ProV1.


by Taylor Made

MSRP $52.00




The Good:

5 Layer construction means different cores are activated at different swing speeds. Improved cover durability from previous model. 

The Bad:

Good performance all around but not really a stand out at any one particular thing. Slightly differently constructed alternative to the most popular premium balls that may be perfect for some swings. 

Bottom Line:

This ball should be included in any comparison test you do when choosing a ball this year. In our tests it fell just slightly short of the ones above it, but as you can tell from the way we write reviews, everyone’s swing is different so grab a box and test them out. The design is unique and depending on your specific swing and launch characteristics, it may provide you with improved distance. 

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